I firmly believe that the world is made out of stories. Stories of people. Stories of places. Stories of people in places. Here, you will be able to read them all.


Little by little, the purpose of this platform is to gather the most interesting, significant, inspiring and beautiful stories of your travels. To share your experiences. To learn from what you saw, smelled, touched, felt, breathed, met, walked. To open our horizons and look beyond the prejudice and stereotypes that surround us. To embrace the risk, be adventurous, live fiercely. To see the world with different eyes and a different mindset. To learn that there are many places out there that can be called “home”, we just need to find out where. But most importantly... to seize the way.


Your journey starts here, no matter where you are. Choose a destination from the map: imagine it, explore it, live it.


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